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Extract from letter dated 11th March 2015:

In mid 2012 I decided that my 90 year old butcher shop at New Farm was in need of a total internal refurbishment, so with that in mind I started to research the industry. It was during this process that one continual name kept coming up in my discussion with a veriety of owners, manager and operators of butcher shops in Brisbane and that name was John Papas from HDC. I contacted John and within a couple of days he was on site discussing and advising me on achieving the vision I have for my shop. In May 2013 work commenced and 3 weeks later the works were complete.

HDC are well known and respected in the industry and I found that John had a wealth of knowledge and understanding of just what was required to undertake the extensive refurbishment of such an old building.

John handled all aspects of the design, building approvals and the construction and the supply of new equipment. I have a strict budget and time frame so that my business would be closed for the minimum period of time. No shop no income.

As in all aspects of building, problems arose but John always came up with a solution that was equitable and quick and the works came in “on time” and “on budget”. The works were performed in a professional and tradesman like manner at all times and the end result is a total new modern shop which looks amazing and of which my customers are very complimentary.

I have no hesitation in recommending John Papas and his company HDC to anyone who wants a professional, knowledgeable and personable contractor to perform their works. John’s professional integrity is without fault and I am happy to recommend John to anyone considering undertaking such a project. Please feel free to contact me on 3358 2445 or come on into my amazing new look shop and inspect the quality and finish for yourself.

Yours Sincerely,
Michael Carrol
Rayners Meats, New Farm

Rayners Meats

Extract from email dated 12th June 2014:

Hi John,

It has now been a year since HDC’s first engagement with us and we now have the history of 4 fully fitted out gyms. Just wanted to say ‘thank you'; and acknowledge the geat work that you and your team have done for us. which have stood the test of time and heavy wear and terraffic..!

From the beginning of preparing the quotes, you were thorough with attention to detail and very understanding of our needs.. although we did not always agree on the approach, and there were some heart stopping moments(!) nevertheless, you always found a suitable solution and the work got done. We benefited from your expertise and meticulous adherence to the time table and finishing ahead of time (ever time!).

I also want to acknowledge that without missing a beat, you and your team attended to every ‘after service’ issue, even though some of the gyms were finished a year earlier- this is much appreciated.

You team, Ross and Clint and their crew are totally reliable, professional and resourceful and they proved it time and time again. With us they created great team spirit in tacking every issue.

I would have no hesitation on calling for your services again and will be happy to recommend HDC.

Best Regards,
Nariman Karimi
Stepz Fitness, Benowa

Stepz Fitness